When we talk about connection, we are referring to vertical connection with God, as well as horizontal connection with healthy community.

We desire to facilitate both. Spiritual connection and relational connections are both fostered through the various functions of our physical locations. However, we recognize that cultivating connection and community is about far more than providing a physical space. That’s why we want to be intentional about not only cultivating connection and community within our physical spaces, but also outside of them with local small groups as well as online opportunities.

Current Groups:

The Garden – current community group meeting in Highland, CA


Online Mentoring, Live Streaming, and Connect Groups. Stay tuned!

We outline these things acknowledging that it is God alone who can set the lonely in families. We want to be intentional about creating time and space to the degree we are able, but we know that no matter what we do, sadly, we cannot realistically create a sense of “family” for everyone. Even as we are able to expand these opportunities, they are just an onramp–the beginning of the beginning. It is only through mutual willingness to persevere and commit over time, while staying open and flexible to the leading of the Spirit in an attitude of love and grace, that long term bonds develop. We know at times this will be messy and imperfect and will not meet everyone’s needs. But we are committed to the process of learning to love as He loves.