LifeSource Coaching

A professional coach is an expert in transformational change! LifeSource Coaching empowers individuals (and groups) like you to experience freedom from what keeps you stuck, and breakthrough to the adventures of your purpose and calling!  On the coaching journey, you will understand yourself and others more deeply, navigate past what has held you back or captive, then grow to make wise choices that bring remarkable fruitfulness and fulfillment.

As a coach, our role is to affect transformational results from the “inside out!” This is distinct from other professionals that are “outside in” oriented. Its really not about giving you advice like a consultant , or imparting competencies to you as a mentor, or prescribing steps to wholeness as a counselor, though these may occur as we journey together.

LifeSource coaching founders, Dave and Sue Robson are part of The Arising Global board. If you would like more information on the services they offer, visit the LifeSource Coaching website.