Everyone needs a place where they fit

That’s why a key function of The Arising is the establishment of physical locations set apart as sacred spaces to connect with God, and also with each other. We particularly want to make room for those who function a bit “out-of-the-box” who need time and space, in a presence-saturated and supportive environment, to discover (or rediscover) their gifts and calling.  The heart and fuel for each space will be a dedicated prayer room which will offer various opportunities for corporate prayer, corporate worship, as well as times set aside for quiet communion with God. The prayer room will also offer space for various creative expressions such as writing, drawing, painting, etc. As we grow, we hope to also provide space for various types of equipping classes (including practical and creative topics, as well as spiritual topics), a hang-out area, and the opportunity to grow in spiritual gifts through various forms of outreach.

Our headquarters and first location is in beautiful REDLANDS, CA,  located at 113 N. Fifth Street. Our entrance is in the alley to the left side of Molino’s Coffee.

 To learn more about The Arising’s Redlands Prayer Furnace, including our current schedule, click here.   

Although we are currently focused on Redlands, our longterm dream is for several other spaces in various parts of the world. Stay tuned as we see how things unfold.