Everyone needs a place where they fit.

 A key function of The Arising is the establishment of physical locations set apart as holistic creative centers. Key elements of each space will include cultivating a Presence filled environment with space set apart for creative expression and collaboration (art space and lounge area), equipping center (class space for practical, creative, and spiritual topics), as well as a dedicated prayer room  for communion and connection with God.

First Location: Upstairs Arts in Redlands CA


Upstairs Arts will be a holistic creative space in downtown Redlands, CA and will function as a working artist’s studio/gallery, a house of prayer, and an equipping center. It has an adjacent lounge area that will be a day-to-day place to connect (with a cup of coffee from Back Alley Coffee downstairs), relax, study, or create. We will also hold weekly worship nights and prayer times, offer the opportunity for personal healing/prophetic prayer, and host various community events that promote the arts and local artists.

Our longterm dream is for several other spaces in various parts of the world. Stay tuned as we see how things unfold!