The Furnace

The Furnace, located at the base of the stairs in the Upstairs Arts building in Redlands, CA, is our prayer room.

A key component of The Arising is about making space for people as they are, but The Furnace is specifically about making space for God. Prayer and worship are at the very center of all we do because we believe creativity flows from communion with the Creator.

The Furnace not only provides the spiritual fuel for our holistic creative space, but is also a place for anyone in the area to come by to rest in His presence. When we encounter the fire of His pure holy love, we are transformed from the inside out!

The Furnace LogoAlthough the prayer room isn’t open yet, we do currently meet at the Upstairs Arts space (113 1/2 N. 5th Street, Redlands, CA) for prayer on Monday mornings at 8:30, and for worship Friday evenings at 7:00pm.

More info and expanded schedule coming soon.