Redlands Prayer Furnace

NOTE: As of April 2021 we are now longer at our location on Fifth Street in downtown Redlands. Click here for more detailed info and check back for updates.

The Arising Global’s Prayer Furnace, is located at 113 N. Fifth Street, Redlands CA (our entrance is in the alley to the left of Molino’s Coffee) and is at the very heart of our mission. A key component of The Arising is about making space for people where they are, but our prayer room is specifically about making space for God. Prayer and worship are at the core of all we do because we believe creativity, healing, and true spiritual community all flow from communion with our Creator.

The Prayer Furnace is not only a place of intercession for our community and the nations, but is also a place for anyone in the area to come by to connect with God’s heart and simply rest in His presence. When we encounter the fire of Jesus’ pure holy love, we are transformed from the inside out!

Here are some of the ways the Prayer Furnace will serve our community:

Open Soaking Hours: The majority of the time the prayer room is open, it will be a place to come and sit in quiet prayer and communion with God. During soaking hours, we will have worship music playing and anyone in the area is free to stop by and spend some time in a Presence-soaked atmosphere to study and/or meditate on Scripture, rest in His presence, journal, draw or however else you may personally connect with God. Our only request is that you honor the sanctity of the space by utilizing it for quiet devotion (especially when others are present) and not use it as a hangout space. There are plenty of hangout spots in the coffee shop or in the Upstairs Arts lounge!

Live Corporate and Soaking Worship: As scheduling allows, we will have various live worship sets. Keep an eye on our calendar.

Weekly Intercession Times: We will also hold various corporate prayer meetings each week. Refer to the current schedule for specifics.

Outreach and Prayer Teams: In the future we hope to develop both local and global prayer and prophetic outreach teams, as well as offer various types of personal prayer appointments (for healing, prophetic ministry etc.).

While we are whole-heartedly committed to ministering to Jesus in worship, to prayer, and to serving our community, we acknowledge that the details are still unfolding. We are far more committed to following Jesus and loving people in real time than we are to the specifics of any particular vision in any specific time frame. We want to be intentional and faithful with what He has shown us for now, and plan to simply keep following one step at a time—wherever the path may lead!

The Furnace LogoThe Prayer Furnace will be officially open in early 2020 but we are already holding weekly gatherings. Click HERE for the current schedule.