Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet can primarily be summed up in one word:


That’s because Beautiful Feet is the name of our local and global outreach ministry. It is about giving the gospel feet. It is about taking the love of Jesus out on the street in our local area and to the nations.

Our teams focus primarily on prayer and prophecy. We want to put feet on the ground to hear and declare the heart of God for the region we’re in (whether home or away), and for its people.  We are living tabernacles of God’s presence and Beautiful Feet is about taking the “house of prayer” on the road.

If you have a heart for intercession and/or want to learn to pray more in alignment with God’s heart as you become more confident in speaking out His desires over both individuals and regions, please keep in touch with us as Beautiful Feet develops.

Beautiful Feet LogoWhile we don’t have anything specific locked in at the moment, there are a few things in the works:

  • A local (Redlands) Thursday night prayer/outreach team. This team will have a specific focus on human trafficking in our region.  Training will be required before team members are cleared for participation.
  • A Fall 2020 prayer pilgrimage to Israel. Details are pending and dependent upon interest. This will be a small (10-12) person customized group. While we will visit several biblically significant places, this IS primarily a prayer trip and NOT a tour. Cost is expected to be approximately $2200-2500 excluding air for 10-12 nights, double occupancy (accommodations, in-country transportation, entrance fees where applicable, as well as breakfast and dinner will be included in final price). 
  • A February 2021 prayer outreach to SE Asia. A trip in partnership with ministries working in areas known for sex trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand is also being explored. 

If you are local and are interested in the Thursday night HT outreach prayer team, or would like to be put on the interest list for Israel and/or SE Asia, please email 

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