April 2021 Update: Onward But Still Upward

IMG_6867As I wrote in a recent instagram post, it was a lot more exciting watching stuff move into our little Redlands Prayer Furnace, than watching it move out. 

But move out we did.  As of this month, we no longer have the use of our sweet little prayer room in downtown Redlands. After waiting in limbo for what seemed like forever, the owner of the building decided to repurpose the space for other uses. While it wasn’t the news we hoped for, it also wasn’t entirely unexpected.  Transition (particularly when you have no idea what you are transitioning into) is uncomfortable—but it is also the very thing that positions us for new beginnings.

And that’s what we’re doing—waiting for our new beginning.

Nothing about the opening our prayer room, or even the establishment of our nonprofit, The Arising, was “typical” or “according to plan.” Even a quick glance through the various posts on this site reveals a journey of twists and turns, starts and stops, with a whole lot of grace and a few glimpses of glory thrown in along the way. It has been quite the ride. One that, most of the time, looked nothing like the ride I thought I was getting on!

But one thing it  definitely has been is a greater adventure in daily following “the cloud”  than I have ever personally experienced.  Considering I have lived a significant portion of my life—especially in recent years—in sort of a spiritual limbo-land where very little is concrete or clear, that is saying something. But I can also sincerely say I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

So here we are. Many of the original catalysts for this whole endeavor long ago ceased to be part of the equation. Many of our original partners have followed the cloud elsewhere to their own new beginnings and adventures. 

But the vision remains.

Because the vision is Jesus. Unmistakably, undeniably, uncompromisingly … JESUS. 

His presence. His purposes. His promises … in His timing and His way … for this little  city of Redlands (the adopted hometown I’ve come to love) and far beyond. 

I don’t know what my part in that will look like down the line. I also don’t know what role The Arising will play.  For  now,  I  hear Him saying to do what I’ve already been doing—follow Him.  Seek first His kingdom. Keep doing the next thing He asks me to do.  And so, along with a few others committed to doing the same, we wait and we pray for the unveiling of more. Because one thing we DO know is this:

Incense will continue to arise.

Hope will continue to arise.

Faith will continue to arise.

And His people, in this region and beyond, WILL arise and shine in their true identity as beloved sons and daughters of the Most High. 

Creation itself is groaning and longing for this very thing.*  We can be sure it will happen because it was never our idea or desire to begin with. It has always been, and forever will be, His. 

And the One who is both Alpha and Omega always finishes what He starts.

“Arise and shine beloved ones
For your light has come
Your time has come
Come into the light hidden ones
Forgotten ones
Misunderstood mystics
Contemplative creatives
It’s time to burn
It’s time to shine
Ever more brightly
For the glory of our King”

(Quote directly above is from The Arising copyright 2016, by Cindy Powell. Click the title for the full poem/prophetic declaration)

*Refer to Romans 8:19

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