Long Overdue Update

“I feel it in my bones, You’re about to move.”

The above line is from the song Spirit Move by Kalley Heiligenthal, and I think of it often. It concisely sums up how I feel about the hour we’re living in. I don’t have a ton of specifics, but I DO feel it in my bones—God IS about to move both globally and here in our local community. In fact, He has already begun. In some areas I still have more questions than answers, but one thing is very clear—things are starting to move.

It has been a long time since I have sent out any kind of ministry update. Since shutting down our Redlands prayer room in April of 2021 it has taken awhile to have any kind of firm grasp on future direction for The Arising; however, as time has gone by things have simply begun to unfold. The heart and vision are the same—we are still calling people up higher, activating prayer, and cultivating a Presence-driven lifestyle—it just looks a bit different without a building.  I will do my best to refrain from writing a novel to catch everyone up but since it has been awhile, this might be a little longer than I’d like.  

To keep it simple, I will share in the form of updates and invitations …


Prayer House on the Zoom: My friend Leann (who is now a part of The Arising board) closed her prayer room in Riverside not too long after we closed our Redlands Prayer Furnace.  Sometime after that she initiated Prayer House on the Zoom—which is just what it sounds like! Although we still dream of having a physical location for another prayer room someday, Zoom is way to keep the fire burning and has the advantage of being accessible to anyone, anywhere.  Throughout the week we hold various prayer meetings and other types of classes on zoom. The schedule changes each month, but there are always some staples that carry on from one month to the next. There is a link to the calendar here or go directly to prayerhouseonthezoom.com for the current schedule and meeting links.

Prayer House on the Move: Again, another way of keeping the “house of prayer” spirit without a physical location. We are all living breathing houses of prayer! Taking prayer teams out and/or hosting prayer events locally, and especially, globally has always been a huge part of my calling. I used to call this part of my ministry, Beautiful Feet, but I love Leann’s description of “Prayer House on the Move” (which is the name she has been doing similar ministry under). Keep an eye on this website, or the Prayer House on the Move Facebook page for opportunities to participate in various prayer gatherings and teams.  

Israel and the Nations: Although this is a part of Prayer House on the Move it is deserving of its own update! Anyone who knows me knows that aside from Jesus Himself, my heart burns most passionately for the nations—especially Israel.  In April, I FINALLY had the opportunity to return to Israel for the first time in over four years. To say it was an impactful trip is an understatement. This is one of the biggest areas where I feel like I have been waiting forever but am now seeing open doors and a GO from God. There is another trip to Israel planned for November of this year (see invitations below) and, Lord willing, I am also praying about a trip to SE Asia in early 2024.

Podcast/Book(s): I have started recording a podcast called “The Presence Driven Life” and hope to begin releasing episodes within the next couple of months. Recently, I have been feeling prompted to begin outlining a book by the same name. I have also recently re-edited and (slightly) updated my book The Key to His Heart and will be re-releasing it on Amazon soon. I have had a strong sense that this book is more relevant to the times we are living in now than it was when I first wrote it 12+ years ago.

Mentoring: One of the things I feel strongly about in every season, is being intentional about building relationships to help strengthen others to go deeper in their journey with Jesus. God has particularly blessed this part of my life and ministry in the past season and my hope and prayer is that He will continue to do so.

Local Meetings: We have continued to participate in and host various local gatherings and plan to be more intentional about linking this information on our website in the future.

Website: While you may have noticed that some changes have already been made to this site to reflect some of these updates, more are in process. The goal is for everything to be fully up-to-date within the next few weeks!


Women’s Retreat October:  I am blessed to be speaking at a women’s retreat in Running Springs the weekend of October 13-15. If you are interested in attending, let me know and I will connect you with the organizer.

November Israel with PIHOP: As I mentioned above, I’ll be returning to Israel in November. I have been assisting Pasadena International House of Prayer with their first prayer tour of Israel. The dates are 11/25 – 12/6 and as of right now, there are still spaces available. If you are interested in participating, let me know or visit pihop.com and click on the banner for Jesus’ Hometown Prayer Tour for the link to sign up.

Prayer House on the Zoom: All meetings on Prayer House on the Zoom are always open to anyone with zoom capabilities. Just check the website (listed in the update section) for current meetings.

Financial Partnership:  Obviously, there are expenses incurred with things like podcasts, and publishing books, not to mention overseas trips. One-time donations for any of these things are ALWAYS appreciated (and needed!). However, my greatest need personally is for recurring monthly partners in ANY amount. For many, many years I have held onto a promise from God that He would provide sustainable income in alignment with my gifts and calling. The good news is that I am closer to living in that reality than I have ever been! The bad news is that I am still about $1500 a month short and still need to find various areas of contract work and other means of income to fill the gap. Sometimes that has been relatively easy to do and has not distracted me from the things He has put on my plate, other times it has been incredibly challenging and stretching.  Right now, it is more on the challenging side only because my plate is so full. Sometimes when I am juggling multiple priorities and feeling a bit worn by the process, I sort of sigh and say “Lord, when will it be as You’ve promised?” Lately, He has been reminding me that you have not because you ask not. Ouch. I only like asking Him—I don’t particularly like asking actual people to help. Yet here I am. If you feel prompted to partner with us financially,  I would be most grateful. To give on a tax-deductible basis, click this link (there is a box you can check to set up a recurring monthly donation) or if you prefer to send a check, let me know and I’ll provide the address. If the tax deduction isn’t important to you, please contact me for alternatives (zelle, venmo etc.). And to those who already give on a regular basis—THANK YOU!!!

Prayer: Last, but never-ever least (in fact, MOST importantly), I cherish your prayers for all of the above. Particularly I would love prayer for open doors for additional income from things in alignment with the things I am already doing (such as more book sales for one example). Again, you have not because you ask not! I am asking and, if you feel so led, I would love it if you would ask with me.

Well, despite my best efforts, this is longer than I’d like. Hopefully future updates will be more frequent and shorter!

Always keep coming up higher. Many blessings and much joy!

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