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Most of us are familiar with the concept of God’s presence, or maybe even the theology of God’s presence, but the idea of actually abiding in, and living from, His presence can seem completely foreign, or maybe even impossible.

Here’s the thing though … We NEED His presence. Psalm 16 says in his presence is fullness of joy. And boy does the world need some authentic joy!

More of His presence IS accessible and yet, often, we don’t  know how to seek more. Why is it so hard for us, both corporately and individually, to live from that place of abiding love and peace? I often say that truth is simple but the application of truth in a fallen world, amongst broken messy people, living with a multitude of cultural and generational strongholds, is incredibly complex and nuanced. That’s why our lives need to be driven by His presence, by eternal truth–and not by circumstance or feelings. It all preaches good, right? But we’re all in process when it comes to authentically living it out. Living it out means we need to go beyond the platitudes and scriptural bandaids we so easily default to, and start talking about real issues that affect, and often hinder real people from pressing in for more of God.

And that is our desire with The Presence Driven Life Podcast– to press in. Our hope is to release a new episode each Monday. Sometimes I’ll be solo, sometimes I’ll pull in some amazing guests. Always with the goal of having conversations about issues that can and do affect the spiritual lives of those who desire a deeper reality in God. We want to contend for the freedom to be brutally honest but in a way that continues to honor God and doesn’t deny biblical truth. I hope you’ll join us as we learn to practice His presence together.

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