About Us

The Arising is a call to arise and shine into the fullness of who God has called you to be.

A LOT has changed since we were established in 2019.  Our initial vision was centered on a house of prayer and holistic creative space we planned to establish in Redlands, CA. We had just gotten the house of prayer up and running a short time before the global pandemic hit in 2020.  Unfortunately, we lost our partners in the creative space during the pandemic and were never able to see that part of the vision fulfilled. While we were blessed to be able to continue to run the prayer room until the Spring of 2021,  we were not able to come to workable terms with the owner given our scaled down plans, and, ultimately lost the space that was the original catalyst for our existence. 

But God … don’t you just love that phrase? But God continued to prompt us to keep going and allow the vision to redefine itself over time. And that is exactly what has happened.  Our long term dream is to see another house of prayer in our region, but in the meantime we are continuing to activate prayer, cultivate a Presence-driven lifestyle, and help people grow in, and develop, the fullness of who God created them to be in a variety of ways.  

(More soon)