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Are YOU ready to come out of hiding?

The Arising is a call for creatives and contemplatives to arise and shine.

The Arising PicA large number of believers–particularly many of those who could fit within the broad description of “creatives and contemplatives”–feel out of place  within the walls of the typical western church. This isn’t a criticism of the church so much as it is a simple acknowledgement of what we have personally seen and experienced. Predominantly right-brained thinkers and feelers rarely thrive within the tightly structured environments found in many churches. But we believe their gifts and perspectives are desperately needed and want to see them flourish as invaluable and fully integrated members of the global Body of Christ

The Arising Global is not a church and not a substitute for the local church. Rather, we want to support and partner with the church in reaching a group that is disproportionately disconnected from healthy spiritual community.  We want to make space for the creative community, cultivate connection–both vertically and horizontally–and then, empower and release these same individuals into the fullness of who God created them to be. That may be within the walls of the traditional local church or it may be outside of it. Our main goal is that they be solidly connected to the True Vine and to healthy spiritual community–whatever form that may take. When we find a place where we fit — when we are healed and connected — when we are equipped and empowered — we can be released to soar.

It looks something like this:

Making Space

Everyone needs a place where they fit.  A key function of The Arising is the establishment of physical locations set apart as holistic creative centers. Key elements of each space will include cultivating a Presence-filled environment with space set apart for creative expression and collaboration (art space and lounge area), equipping center (class space for practical, creative, and spiritual topics), as well as a dedicated prayer room  for communion and connection with God.

First Location: Upstairs Arts in Redlands CA

upstairsUpstairs Arts will be a holistic creative space in downtown Redlands, CA and will function as a working artist’s studio/gallery, a house of prayer, and an equipping center. It has an adjacent lounge area that will be a day-to-day place to connect (with a cup of coffee from Back Alley Coffee downstairs), relax, study, or create. We will also hold weekly worship nights and prayer times, offer the opportunity for personal healing/prophetic prayer, and host various community events that promote the arts and local artists.

Cultivating Connection and Community

As mentioned above, we believe cultivating connection means vertical connection with God, and horizontal connection with healthy community. Spiritual connection and relational connections are both fostered through the various functions of our physical locations. However, we recognize that cultivating lasting and deep connection and community is about far more than providing a physical space. That’s why we want to be intentional about not only cultivating connection and community within our physical spaces, but also outside of them with local small groups as well as online opportunities. 

Current Groups:

The Gardencurrent community group meeting in Highland, CA


Online Mentoring, Live Streaming, and Connect Groups. Stay tuned!

We outline these things acknowledging that it is God alone who can set the lonely in families. We want to be intentional about creating time and space to the degree we are able, but we know that, sadly, we cannot realistically create a sense of “family” for everyone. Even as we are able to expand these opportunities, they are just an onramp–the beginning of the beginning. It is only through mutual willingness to persevere and commit over time, while staying open and flexible to the leading of the Spirit in an attitude of love and grace, that long term bonds develop. We know at times this will be messy and imperfect and will not meet everyone’s needs. But we are committed to the process of learning to love as He loves.

Empowering and Releasing

Our ultimate desire is to see creatives and contemplatives empowered and released into the fullness of ALL God has created them to be—and we want to provide both resources and opportunities toward this end. We believe providing outward opportunities to serve our local communities, as well as opportunities to engage in global outreach, will provide a framework for many to use their gifts in creative and meaningful ways.

Resources will include:

Equipping Classes (to be announced)

Online Resources (to be announced)

Opportunities will include:

Beautiful Feet – local and global creative and intercessory outreach teams (more info coming soon)

voj new logo transparentVoices of Justice – An online magazine that shines a light on the injustice of human trafficking. While the magazine features a variety of content relative to the mission of “empowering, inspiring, and releasing voices in the fight against human trafficking,” there is  a specific focus on highlighting the role of the arts in fighting injustice.

This is a work in process that is still unfolding. We want to stay sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, so other things will be added/adjusted as they develop. Be sure to check back regularly!

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