Redlands Prayer Furnace

UPDATE: As of April 2021, our Prayer Furnace in downtown Redlands has closed. We hope to be able to open in new location in the not-to-distant future, but God’s timing is His own. We are continuing to position ourselves before Jesus, knowing He will lead us. For a more detailed update, click here. We appreciate your prayers during this time of transition.

In faith, we are leaving the original vision for our Prayer Furnace posted: 

A core part of our vision is the establishment of physical locations set apart as sacred spaces to connect both vertically and horizontally. Our current focus is on our location in Redlands, CA , but we believe this vision is reproducible and would love to see expansion to other cities some day. Key elements of each space will include cultivating a Presence-filled environment with designated space for creative expression and collaboration (art space and lounge area), equipping center (class space for practical, creative, and spiritual topics), as well as a dedicated prayer room for communion and connection with God.

That’s where our Redland’s Prayer Furnace comes in. Our prayer room is specifically about making space for God. Prayer and worship are at the core of all we do because we believe creativity, healing, and true spiritual community all flow from communion with our Creator.

The Redlands Prayer Furnace is  a place of intercession for both our local community and the nations, a place to gather together in worship, and, perhaps most importantly, a place for anyone in the area to come by to connect with God’s heart and simply rest in His presence. When we encounter the fire of Jesus’ pure holy love, we are transformed from the inside out!

Here are some of the ways the Prayer Furnace will serve our community:

Open Soaking Hours The majority of the time the prayer room is open, it will serve as a place of quiet prayer and communion with God. During soaking hours, we will have streamed worship music playing and visitors can spend time in a quiet Presence-soaked atmosphere where they can study or meditate on Scripture, read, journal, draw, or just sit back and enjoy God’s presence away from their normal day-to-day distractions.

Live Corporate and Soaking Worship As scheduling allows, we will have various live worship sets.

Weekly Intercession Times We will also hold various corporate prayer meetings each week. Refer to the current schedule for specifics.

Prayer/Prophetic Teams and Appts. We hope to develop both local and global prayer and prophetic outreach teams, as well as offer personal prayer appointments for healing, prophetic ministry, etc.

While these are some of the things we are currently doing and anticipate doing, we acknowledge that the details are still unfolding. We are far more committed to loving God and people in real time than we are to accomplishing any specific vision in any specific timing. Our “plan” is to keep following Jesus one step at a time… wherever He leads!

Currently our calendar is “blank” and sitting before the Lord. But check back soon for updates!